Essential Resources

Profit Bandit App : A must have product scouting app to help you with product sourcing for retail arbitrage.
FBA Profitability Calculator : Another way to check out your potential profits before you buy. Needed for online arbitrage and sourcing from your wholesale suppliers.

Camel Camel Camel : Track product history including sales rank and price across any Amazon marketplace.

Jungle Scout : Amazon market research tool especially useful if you’re planning to launch a private label product.

Keepa : Amazon price tracking tool which fits right into your browser. Check price and sales rank history as well as a wealth of other information. Essential for your product sourcing decisions.


The Amazing Seller Podcast : American podcast with lots of Amazon FBA success stories and information. Focuses on Private Label but lots of other information covered. Great for inspiration and motivation to get you started selling on Amazon.

Jordan Malik : A podcast as well as a wealth of other information from US power-seller Jordan Malik.


Customs and VAT

Register Sole Trader or Company : If your in the UK you MUST register as a sole trader with HMRC before you can open your Amazon Sellers account. If you’re international you must register to pay VAT or if you’re serious you could register a LTD company in the UK.

HMRC Duty & VAT : Official HMRC guidelines and advice on importing goods into the UK. The place to start your research for both national and international sellers.

Duty Calculator : Calculate your import taxes and VAT. A priceless tool for importers.


Other Resources

Skip Mcgrath : An American Ebay and Amazon megaseller with UK Amazon and Ebay information.

Wholesale Forum : Check out the UKs largest wholesaler discussion site. A wealth of information and place to ask all your wholesale related questions.

FBA Ship UK : UK prep and ship centre to help you to sell on Amazon. No need to bag and label items yourself or wait in for deliveries. Just order to FBA Ship UK and they will handle the rest for you. Guaranteed to beat any price quote for UK prep work.

Leftmy9to5 : Blog dedicated to helping you sell on Amazon. Guides for beginners, examples of profitable products and advice from a full-time Amazon seller.

Product Sourcing

Ali Baba : Get in touch with Chinese suppliers and source anything you like direct… really ANYTHING!!

Ali Express : Similar to Ali Baba but allows you to purchase small quantities and even single items with free China Air shipping. Great to try out your products before buying in bulk.

Salehoo : Genuine vetted suppliers from around the world. Easily source supplier reviews and full product lists to begin sourcing.

Wholesale Deals :  Find UK based suppliers and check out daily supplier deals. Well worth the subscriber fee.


Customer and Inventory Management

List Label Ship : Print labels as you list with this handy browser plugin. This will save you a lot of time if your doing retail arbitrage and have lots of different SKUs to list and label. Needs a DYMO printer or similar to work.

Feedback Five : Automate your customer emails and get product and seller reviews. This is a must if your doing private label but recommended for all sellers to improve seller feedback.

Feedvisor : One of the most popular re-pricing tools. This software automatically updates your prices in response to competition pricing and your desired profit. Not for beginners but essential if you have a lot of SKUs and want to compete for that buy box.




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